Grand Theft Auto V: A first take.

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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats

Grand Theft Auto V: A first take.

Ask any GTA fan what their favourite mission of all time is, and Three Leaf Clover is guaranteed to rank highly. The heist mission from Grand Theft Auto IV encapsulated everything that was great about the series in 15 minutes of gaming nirvana. It had everything: a bank robbery with hostages held at gunpoint; a shootout against SWAT teams on the streets of Liberty City with police helicopters circling above; and a last-ditch attempt to escape the cops by fleeing along the subway tracks on foot. It was action packed, was bursting with variety and was superbly paced. It was the perfect GTA mission.

Even the cops are more prevalent and when we switch over to Franklin his drive through Los Santos is interrupted by the shrieking of police car sirens in the distance, shortly followed by three cop inceptors cutting through the traffic in pursuit of an unseen felon. Obviously, we’re all used to feeling the heat on our backs when we’ve broken the law in previous GTA games, but the presence of the boys in blue feels much more evident in everyday life in GTA V.

So it’s hard not to feel a pang of excitement when Rockstar says that Three Leaf Clover is the inspiration for much of Grand Theft Auto V and that heists will be the game’s backbone. Better still, Rockstar claims each will be bigger than any heist mission it’s done before.

Heartbreakingly, Rockstar is not quite ready to show off the heists in Grand Theft Auto V just yet. However, the first mission unveiled is just as explosive and, more importantly, it perfectly demonstrates the dynamic between the game’s three protagonists.

And that’s what’s particularly exciting about Grand Theft Auto V. From the briefest of glimpses we can already tell the city of Los Santos is a place we want to spend more time in, and getting to know Michael, Trevor and Franklin better is something we cannot wait to do. There are questions that still need answering – has the combat been refined or completely overhauled, and more importantly does the inclusion of three characters means there’s far more replay value or does the story always follow the same path?

Back to the demo, Michael heads over to the garage and climbs on his mountain bike to cycle to a meet-up with Trevor and Franklin. It’s a brief trip along the affluent streets of Rockford Hills, one that’s soundtracked by the click-clacking of a dozen water sprinklers, each soaking a perfectly-manicured lawn.

The reality is you’ll probably play around with a combination of the three, initially laying down covering fire as Franklin before switching to Trevor to change the direction of your chopper so Michael has a better angle to open up on the incoming bad guys. And that’s just one way the mission could’ve played out. Base-jumping returns for GTA V, so is it possible for Michael to grab the target and jump from the building, before opening a parachute and making good his escape in a car once on the ground? The truth is we don’t know right now, but rest assured we cannot wait to experiment when we finally get to play more of the game.

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The question is, what’s this guy like when you’re not in control of him? By now it’s common knowledge that you can freely swap between Grand Theft Auto V’s three leads, and that while you’re not directly controlling them the other two will happily go about their everyday business. But in Trevor’s case, on the evidence provided, this is one guy you want to keep on a short leash.

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